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Sabine's Pilates expertise, strength, quiet calm and knowledgable training have given me the strength, mentally and physically to go beyond the bounds of what I have been doing for years- to break out of a routine & change my life.  She achieves results beyond those that one even expects to accomplish.  I feel she is one of the finest teachers I have ever had.

-Janet Riedman


As a Physical Therapist with 20 years experience, I highly recommend Sabine and her various training techniques as an adjunct to any health enhancement program.

-Colleen Halligan, RPT


Sabine has the ability to motivate others, leading them to accomplishing their goals.  Sabine truly enjoys the work she does, thus her clients stand to gain much more than a meaningful workout.  A meaningful workout with a smile from an accomplished dancer and certified Pilates instructor.

-John Siegel, MS, ATC, EMT, Pilates Cert. (Head Athletic Trainer CSULB Dance Dept.)


I came to Sabine in an effort to reduce stress and relieve lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain caused by Fibromyalgia.  In a few weeks, my energy level had increased dramatically, and I felt relief from this chronic pain.

-Ivy Vu


Working out with Sabine has been the best experience I have ever had with a Pilates instructor.  I have experienced an increase in strength and flexibility. The bottom line is I saw results.

-Amparo Ramsey


Sabine’s Pilates classes are exemplary! Her instruction is clear and concise as she progresses through each motion on the reformer.  She is able to verbalize so that one can visualize proper form to achieve the greatest success.  Thank you, Sabine, for the positive results.!

-Denysia P. O'Connell

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